MediaBiz US Corp. is an entertainment industry business agent, who represents Talents -screenwriters, directors and showrunners, Companies, and Package Entities adding value to the original ideas.

Leading by Alex Lagomarsino, an executive with more than 30 years’ experience and deep know-how on the media and the entertainment industry, MediaBiz is based in Santa Monica, California. Its mission is to promote businesses between the US and Latino America-Spain.

The agency has generated agreements for more than 275 million dollars, dealing in countries like USA, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, Ecuador, Argentina, Italy, and Peru, and negotiated with the main media companies like Televisa, Walt Disney, Amazon, Sony, RCN, TV Azteca, TVN, Viacom Studio, Channel 13 Chile, Discovery Networks, Telefe, Netflix, Caracol, ABC Studios, HBO, Turner, A&E Networks, Warner Media, Fox Studios and Apple.

MediaBiz´s team advises and do lobbies for many media companies, producers, and leaders in the region.



The company started in 2007 distributing Pol-ka´s formats rights and expanding its productions to the world. In 2013 being MediaBiz Pol-ka´s agency, ABC Studios acquired “Killer Woman” formats rights to produce with ABC channel and Latin We Production the series “Killer Woman” in the US, being the first Argentinean producer to export a format to Hollywood, representing a 35 million dollars investment. The recognized actress Sofia Vergara was the executive producer.

Since 2014 MediaBiz included many of their talents into different networks and OTT productions.

In 2017 sold the ready-made series ¨Garota da Moto¨ produced by Mixer Films Brazil to Amazon. On behalf of the growth of OTT, MediaBiz rich two development agreements with Turner ¨Rua Harmonia¨ and ¨Dos Ojos¨. The agency also negotiated with Editorial Planeta and Random House for the publishing of four books “El Séptimo Bastón de Dios”, “Argentum”, “Los Motivos del Lobo”, La Forense y sus Mucamas.

In 2018 MediaBiz, working with the agency Paradigm, reached the agreement with Netflix US for the format ¨Julie & the Phantom¨ being the famous choreographer Kenny Ortega the show-runner who produced 20 episodes for the OTT platform.

Interested to expand professional knowledge around media industry MediaBiz collaborates to create and develop a learning hub for future generations.

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